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Conference Secretary

For general inquiries regarding the conference in addition to feedback, suggestions, and ideas about ICPR2012 website, please contact:

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Contact Addresses

For best response time, please contact us via email using the appropriate addresses below depending upon your inquiry.

- Program and Paper Submission

ICPR 2012 Program Chairs
Email: pcchairs(at)

- Tutorials
ICPR2012 Tutorials Co-chairs
Eisaku Maeda <maeda.eisaku(at)>
Andreas Dengel <andreas.dengel(at)>

- Workshops

ICPR 2012 Workshop Co-Chairs,
Yoichi Sato <ysato(at)>
Rahul Sukthankar <rahuls(at)>

- Contests

ICPR 2012 Contest Co-Chairs

Yasuyo Kita <y.kita(at)>
Robert Fisher <rbf(at)>


- Registration, Travel and Accommodation
Conference Administration: JTB Corp. (Japan Travel Bureau)

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