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Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission April 7, 2012
March 31, 2012
Notification of paper acceptance June 15, 2012
Camera ready papers and author registration July 15, 2012

Initial Paper Submission page was closed. Thank you for your contributions.
Please go to the IAPR PaperCept Conference Management System to check your submissions.

Guideline for Initial Paper Submission

ICPR 2012 follows a single-blind review process. Authors are required to include their names and affiliations in their papers as illustrated in the sample templates.


Creating a user profile

  1. Access the ICPR 2012 Paper Submission server at The welcome page contains links to explore various options to pursue such as creating a user profile and submitting a manuscript. A detailed user manual for authors is available on
  2. Follow the PIN link to get to the PIN (Personal Identification Number) Wizard.
    - Every author needs to create and maintain a current personal profile in the system.
    - The system needs to store the following information on authors:
    Full Name, Contact address, E-mail, phone and fax, PIN (Personal identification number assigned to each author when he/she sets up a profile), Password and Research interest profile


This information is requested from the author at the time he/she opens the account on the system. The information stored on the system is available to ICPR's conference administrators and is not shared by any third party mailing list or marketers.


Submitting a manuscript

- Manuscript length: 4 pages maximum. This is a strict limit for initial submission. During final submission of accepted papers, authors may purchase one extra page at 10,000 JPY if they find it necessary to address the concerns of the reviewers.
- Prepare your paper using the Latex or the MS-Word template available via the following links: Latex, Word.

The paper submission server can be accessed through the "Submit a contribution to ICPR 2012" link on


The following information is required for submitting a manuscript and uploading a manuscript file:


  1. PINs of all co-authors of the manuscript - it is necessary to enter all PINs at this stage to prevent potential conflicts. The PINs of co-authors can be found by following the link
  2. For consistency please enter the PINs in the same order as the names appear on the manuscript. You will need to designate one of the authors as the "corresponding author." Only the corresponding author may update submission information, re-upload the paper, or submit the final paper.
  3. Title of your paper.
  4. Keywords for your paper. You will be allowed to specify an ordered set of one to three keywords for your paper. The list of keywords is available in the paper submission server, but if you would like to plan ahead, you can see the list of keywords here. Note that the keywords are grouped under the five ICPR 2012 tracks. The keyword you specify as having the first priority will be used to assign your paper to one of these tracks. So if you would like your paper to be assigned to a particular track, please make sure to choose the first-priority keyword from that track. All three keywords will be used in assigning your paper to appropriate reviewers.
  5. Approximately 200-word "text only" abstract.
  6. A compliance tested PDF file of your paper. You may test whether the file is compliant by following the link "Test your PDF file".
  7. You should have the authority to sign a "Commitment Statement" to the effect that you will comply with conference policy regarding registration and final manuscript submission.
  8. If you want an e-mail notification to be sent to the corresponding author, please check the checkbox titled 'Send an e-mail notification' which is unchecked by default.


Please follow other instructions on the paper submission server to submit your paper. Additional information on the paper submission process is available at the following address


If you encounter any problem during the paper submission process, and cannot resolve it after consulting this user manual, please contact



Nominating your paper for an award

ICPR 2012 papers will receive awards under four categories:

1. Piero Zamperoni Best Student Paper Award (PZBSPA)
2. ICPR 2012 Best Student Paper Awards

3. Best Industry Related Paper Award (BIRPA)
4. Best Scientific Paper Awards

More detailed information as well as eligibility conditions for each award can be found on the awards page. If you would like to nominate your paper for Industry Related Paper Award and Student Paper Awards, please make sure your paper satisfies the eligibility conditions listed on the awards page. Select your award nomination for the particular award through the "Submit a contribution to ICPR 2012" link on at the paper submission site.


IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors

The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that:

- The paper is substantially original and that no paper substantially similar in content has been submitted or will be submitted to any other conference or journal during the ICPR 2010 review period.
- The paper does not contain any plagiarism, and
- The paper will be presented by the author or a co-author in person.

The IAPR retains the right to eliminate any papers in violation of these requirements and to exclude the authors of such papers from future IAPR community activities.


ICPR2012 reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the technical meeting. In particular, a paper accepted for the ICPR 2012 technical program will not be published on IEEE Xplore if its authors or a proxy do not present the paper at the Conference.



Contact Address

ICPR 2012 Program Chairs
Alberto Del Bimbo (Italy), Kim L. Boyer (USA), Katsushi Ikeuchi (Japan)





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